Buggy is still progress!

Buggy, but works!

So I just got the weapon system working and in place… It may be a little buggy, in the fact that sometimes it targets at no targets when surrounded by 3, or loses targets easily, etc., however I have a feeling I know what it is. I am done for tonight, I need some rest, however I am going to pass it on to my team, even though it is slightly buggy, and try and get these bugs sorted out tomorrow.

School time… yay! 😦

School has started up, been that way for a week now, but that means that I don’t have nearly as much time. I have been working for about 3 hours tonight on stuff, whilst helping a friend out with personal matters, and haven’t even started my homework. Yay!
I have no idea how much I am going to be able to work on this game during the week.

Note to self: go find some programming buddies to take the workload off your shoulders a tad…


This is weird…


This is weird, when I try and install ASP.net MVC 3 so that I can use it, it won’t get picked up by my Visual Studio. This isn’t the only thing. nFringe won’t find my reinstalled Visual Studio either.

Need to hop onto this asap.

Facebook C# API a pain…

The Facebook API for C#

That thing is a pain in the butt to use. If you want to do anything besides get your name, it is nigh impossible without a full app, and even then, you run into SO many problems.

I want to actually get a working facebook app for 2 reasons:

  1. It would be cool to be able to check Facebook without opening a web browser.
  2. I hope to make a Unity Plugin, so that you can access facebook from your desktop game.

As for the second one, I want to also make a tutorial over it, thus I need to know how it works!

I have given up on it for tonight, am going to enjoy Pulp Fiction, get some work done on OMAE’s game, and then go to bed.

News…. News…. News….

The gameplay is coming along.

You can do all of these things:

  • Move your ship.
  • Bring your custom created ship in game.

Working on firing now.

Editor also has quite a few new features.

  • Drag planes
  • New Duplication Window, including mirroring, left, right, up down, front, back duplication
  • Multiple states of the editor, including attribute/equipment editing.

This is great, however I feel I may rewrite the whole app all over again, with an MVC pattern, as that will probably improve readability and usability of the code.


I have to record a new tutorial for my youtube channel. I think I am going to try and get at least two out this weekend. I feel that these tutorials should be coming out at a higher rate. Maybe 2 a week from now on?
I must say though, UDK tutorials aren’t very popular. I think I may just stop those, even though they are fun and interesting to do. Unity tutorials are more popular. But then again, my latest ones have only hundreds of views. People are getting disinterested. What is the point in these? Meh. I will continue, and if my viewer count drops more, I shall stop making tutorials, or I shall re-advertise my tutorials.

Singularity Particle Emitter

An awesome particle emitter that I am currently working on. Hopefully I will have time to work on it. Ran into some problems though. Going to be problematic. I will get on these later, and post updates at a later time.


Learned some about the Qualcomm AR plugin. Probably going to be doing a tutorial on that. However…. I don’t think that will be as popular as doing a tutorial on game development. Not sure which to do first.

I also have a business venture for my dad, so make an AR app for android. I am not sure how to do everything he is requesting. Where do I start? Must learn Java. That would probably be a smart idea. Then have to learn to write a java plugin for unity. Hmmm… Use unity?


Life is a pain. School is getting in the way. Got into the beta for an awesome game called Rift. It is fairly fun. I may quit WoW for it when it comes out, however I don’t think it will hold me past Guild Wars 2.

Time is getting away from me. I have been more and more disinterested in development, just because of school starting. I have no idea what it is, but my mind just wants to lock up. I think I am starting to become a normal human being, instead of the kind of person that locks themselves in their room for 40 hours straight. Hmmm… Need to fix that.


Enough of my ramblings, I think it is about time I stop typing. At 500 words or more, and I am fairly sure you don’t care about half of what I wrote. Logging off, have a good night to all who may read this.

Reworked the code! Far more usable now!

So recently I wiped out everything that I did, and started fresh. It was definitely worth it. Far easier to work with the code!

Finally starting to get to work on the main gameplay. Of course, all the gameplay is temporary, as it will be single player, and just be there to show the game off to Steam. However, most of the code is reusable, so that is great!

I also got Unity Pro, which is great! That means I can use the Steamworks library with Unity right away!
Well, not quite…. I got the educational license of Unity Pro, which means that it has this nasty little watermark in the lower right hand corner. Oh well 😥 I guess it doesn’t matter though, as I can just write a .Net wrapper for it. Can’t be too hard, can it?

Anyways, more news coming, screenshots and videos as well! Maybe even a new download link!

Have a good Holiday season all! Hope all goes well for all of y’all!

GUI.Window Wrapper

So, I wanted to make windows that you could close and open, and you could minimize (move to the bottom of the screen), so I made this wrapper.

To download, go here.

Copy and paste that into a new C# script, called “GUIWindow.cs”.

How it works isn’t hard. Make a list of GUIWindow.

private readonly List _windows = new List();

and then, in start, you just add new windows to it, like this:

_windows.Add(new GUIWindow(new Rect(350, 5, Screen.width - 700, 70), 0, "Toolbar") { Minimizable = true, Closable = false, Opened = true, WindowBody = ToolbarPanel });

and in OnGUI() you just loop through all windows, and call their UpdateWindow() method.

Do note: WindowBody = ToolbarPanel means that WindowBody is asking for a function that returns void, and takes 0 parameters.

Ship Editor Alpha v2

So, I ran into the problem of Unity’s scriptable object not actually storing between sessions, so I redid it, and here is the new version, which saves it out as a binary format.

Download here!