So, just thought I’d share this with you all…

Today, I had decided that if I am going to be spending all my time on my laptop looking at web pages and text editing, I might as well do it with a nicer and faster operating system than Windows. So, here I am, getting ArchLinux to install on my laptop, planning to dualboot it with Windows so that I can still play games on my gaming laptop in case need be, and what do I stupidly do? Oops… I wiped my hard drive entirely… You know, of ALLLLLLLLL my homework and work for one of my classes, and of Windows entirely, and all the games on it. Of course, I didn’t think about backing all that stuff up, or looking into dualbooting… So NOW, not only am I stuck with ONLY Archlinux on my machine, which I am still having problems installing, but I am also stuck having to redo everything for the class that I am already doing the worst in… Yeah, I had all my homework due on Monday completed, and what do I do? Delete it… Yeah, that is how smart I am…

Well, good job, me…

Anyways, going to go finish installing this operating system, and then seeing about redoing that homework, and maybe… oh I don’t know, put it into a drop box folder, instead of a folder on my desktop….

Moral of the story, before you have the chance to do anything stupid… Back all your stuff up…

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