Updates on the Game

The screen does change sizes, and so there is a huge empty space problem currently. The current resolution in these pictures is 1280×800, which is quite big, so that is why the buttons and whatnot are so small, and there is a huge amount of empty space.

Main Menu

I plan to have a video or something playing in the background of all the menu’s, just something interesting, such as energy pulsing throughout something or something along those lines, not sure yet. The menu items (buttons, etc.) will be placed on top of the video, and the video will be under that bar below the title (which yes I know it just says SHIP GAME, I REALLY need a title for it…).

Bland Main Menu

Options Menu

Okay, so it is missing sound volume, and a ton of options, but hey, you can’t even save the settings yet anyways! Tomorrow I will get saving and loading of settings in place, and then we shall see about all the different settings!

Bland Options Menu

Well, that’s all for today folks, next time I will hopefully have more!

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