I am back, with a vengence

Ok, so after having a long break from my wordpress, I am back!

A few things I plan on updating on this blog are these:

  1. My tutorial series
  2. The game I am working on
  3. Anything else I am working on

And to get it all started, here is some little information on my upcoming tutorials:

The reason my tutorials haven’t been coming out very much lately, is because I have been working on a beginners introduction to C# tutorial series, along with being very busy for school. Being a senior, and starting to apply to different colleges, I have lost quite some time to do things, add in the fact that I have quite a few difficult classes that are very taxing, video tutorials are slow coming, but they ARE coming!

In this new series that I am working on, I will go over what a Variable is, what a method is, what a class is, and how you can do a whole bunch of different things in C#. I will be making example applications on different basic features of C# and programming in general, and be making a hopefully easy to follow and understand series on the basics of programming in C#. I know for a lot of my followers, this is pretty useless, but I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked the question, “How did you learn C#? It is so complicated for me!” This tutorial series is designed to combat these questions.

Anyways, that is it for now, and I will be getting back to the people that follow my blog with more things I am working on and any other interesting news.

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