Buggy is still progress!

Buggy, but works!

So I just got the weapon system working and in place… It may be a little buggy, in the fact that sometimes it targets at no targets when surrounded by 3, or loses targets easily, etc., however I have a feeling I know what it is. I am done for tonight, I need some rest, however I am going to pass it on to my team, even though it is slightly buggy, and try and get these bugs sorted out tomorrow.

School time… yay! 😦

School has started up, been that way for a week now, but that means that I don’t have nearly as much time. I have been working for about 3 hours tonight on stuff, whilst helping a friend out with personal matters, and haven’t even started my homework. Yay!
I have no idea how much I am going to be able to work on this game during the week.

Note to self: go find some programming buddies to take the workload off your shoulders a tad…

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