News…. News…. News….

The gameplay is coming along.

You can do all of these things:

  • Move your ship.
  • Bring your custom created ship in game.

Working on firing now.

Editor also has quite a few new features.

  • Drag planes
  • New Duplication Window, including mirroring, left, right, up down, front, back duplication
  • Multiple states of the editor, including attribute/equipment editing.

This is great, however I feel I may rewrite the whole app all over again, with an MVC pattern, as that will probably improve readability and usability of the code.


I have to record a new tutorial for my youtube channel. I think I am going to try and get at least two out this weekend. I feel that these tutorials should be coming out at a higher rate. Maybe 2 a week from now on?
I must say though, UDK tutorials aren’t very popular. I think I may just stop those, even though they are fun and interesting to do. Unity tutorials are more popular. But then again, my latest ones have only hundreds of views. People are getting disinterested. What is the point in these? Meh. I will continue, and if my viewer count drops more, I shall stop making tutorials, or I shall re-advertise my tutorials.

Singularity Particle Emitter

An awesome particle emitter that I am currently working on. Hopefully I will have time to work on it. Ran into some problems though. Going to be problematic. I will get on these later, and post updates at a later time.


Learned some about the Qualcomm AR plugin. Probably going to be doing a tutorial on that. However…. I don’t think that will be as popular as doing a tutorial on game development. Not sure which to do first.

I also have a business venture for my dad, so make an AR app for android. I am not sure how to do everything he is requesting. Where do I start? Must learn Java. That would probably be a smart idea. Then have to learn to write a java plugin for unity. Hmmm… Use unity?


Life is a pain. School is getting in the way. Got into the beta for an awesome game called Rift. It is fairly fun. I may quit WoW for it when it comes out, however I don’t think it will hold me past Guild Wars 2.

Time is getting away from me. I have been more and more disinterested in development, just because of school starting. I have no idea what it is, but my mind just wants to lock up. I think I am starting to become a normal human being, instead of the kind of person that locks themselves in their room for 40 hours straight. Hmmm… Need to fix that.


Enough of my ramblings, I think it is about time I stop typing. At 500 words or more, and I am fairly sure you don’t care about half of what I wrote. Logging off, have a good night to all who may read this.

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