Reworked the code! Far more usable now!

So recently I wiped out everything that I did, and started fresh. It was definitely worth it. Far easier to work with the code!

Finally starting to get to work on the main gameplay. Of course, all the gameplay is temporary, as it will be single player, and just be there to show the game off to Steam. However, most of the code is reusable, so that is great!

I also got Unity Pro, which is great! That means I can use the Steamworks library with Unity right away!
Well, not quite…. I got the educational license of Unity Pro, which means that it has this nasty little watermark in the lower right hand corner. Oh well 😥 I guess it doesn’t matter though, as I can just write a .Net wrapper for it. Can’t be too hard, can it?

Anyways, more news coming, screenshots and videos as well! Maybe even a new download link!

Have a good Holiday season all! Hope all goes well for all of y’all!

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